Now holograms will be able to move in the air

Now holograms will be able to move in the air

Scientists at Bergham Young University (BYU) had earlier created a burst of photons in the air that could be easily seen by ordinary people without a device. “These are real holograms that look different in every way,” says Dean Ismail, a professor of electrical engineering at BYU.

The study, which took three years of hard work, has been hailed internationally as “extraordinary”. It features scenes and holograms floating freely in the air, without a screen. They are called optical trap displays. The first laser controls a particle in the air and moves it with the help of a laser. This is how the laser becomes the bright path. This invention can also be called a 3D printer that makes light.
In the next phase, the group will demonstrate simple animation in the air. If this continues, humans will play with the hologram and learn from it. Although we look at the screen to see 3D objects, this time 3D shapes can be seen in the air.

The study is published in the international scientific journal Nature. Experimentally the holographic rod will be shown above the human finger which moves along the finger. Although these are still very small displays, over time large holographic displays can be made in the air.

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