Now take ‘your home’ with you wherever you go

Now take ‘your home’ with you wherever you go
Have you ever wanted to have a quiet and comfortable home with you wherever you go? If so, a small foldable house with plumbing and wiring can easily fulfill your desire. ۔

Construction of these interesting houses was started by Latvian startup Brett Haus Architecture Company in December last year, but soon these houses became the center of interest of the public and home builders.

Layered wood panels (cross-laminated timber) have been used as the main building material for the construction of foldable houses.

The construction of the foldable house was completed by Brett Haus in 8 weeks and can be easily installed anywhere by crane within 3 to 4 hours. The Brett House is currently offered with 3 attractive designs of sizes 20 and 50 square meters while the 70 square meter house is currently under construction.

Because the house is not built on a permanent basis, it can be moved anywhere at any time. At the same time, it has a minimal effect on the land established by the house.

The foldable house is built with all the technical facilities (such as sewerage, electrical wiring, and plumbing) which is a great bonus for the occupants of this house.

“After many years in the timber industry, we’ve come to the conclusion that pre-fabricated building is the best way to build modern homes,” said Gennady Beacon, founder of Brett House.

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