Now the car will also go to the moon

Now the car will also go to the moon
Washington: NASA has announced that it will use a spacecraft made by the SpaceX Company to go to the moon.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, the US space agency NASA and Alan Musk’s company SpaceX have reached an agreement to take humans to the moon at a cost of 8 2.89 billion.

Under the agreement, the SpaceX spacecraft will take the first woman and man to the lunar surface in the future.

The Lander is part of SpaceX’s Starship Craft, which is being tested at a site in South Texas.

It may be recalled that SpaceX and NASA jointly sent two astronauts to the International Space Station last year under the name of Project Specs X Demo 2.

The SpaceX Rocket Company has previously delivered essential supplies to the International Space Station.

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