Ocean floor research boat ready

Ocean floor research boat ready
CALIFORNIA: A US company has developed a drone boat that will automatically map solar-powered ocean floor and collect valuable data on the marine environment.

The Almeida-based cell drone company has built several models before, but it is the largest and most modern model, measuring 72 feet in length. Its first model in 2018 was only 23 feet long. Cell drones have been further improved with the cooperation of several organizations. It is primarily powered by wind power, but all electrical appliances and guides are powered by solar energy. It is also equipped with the world’s most advanced marine, marine and meteorological instruments and sensors.

It can be controlled and run automatically but can work on a full year of missions. Biomass in the water and measurement of dissolved carbon in the ocean are among its primary objectives.
Its third goal is to map the depths of the ocean floor, as so far we have only been able to see 20% of the ocean floor. In recent years, the interest of seafood experts has increased. The latest sonar installed in the cell drone will systematically note the sea floor. Even sonar works up to a depth of 7000 meters and works better which we can also call marine survey.

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