Oil, grease and smoke absorbing system from the kitchen

Oil, grease and smoke absorbing system from the kitchen
New York: Smoke, grease and oil are accumulated on walls and other utensils while cooking. Now a very effective and manual device can solve this problem.

Experts have named it ‘Aharad’, which can be easily lifted and placed anywhere. This device is better absorbed smoke, smell, oil and other grease during dishes. In this way the kitchen improves the inner air.

Then burning poor fuel in Asian countries also makes the kitchen environment very dangerous, which can be cleared by the airhad. When it was placed on the crowded funding website kickstarter, the required amount was deposited in just 99 minutes.

It contains coal filters, grace filters, smoke absorption systems, and other properties. Inside the fan can be set at three different speeds. That is why it can be called the kitchen every mola filter. In this way the grease does not accumulate on the walls and, above all, it is easier for the housewife to cook.

Airhad filters keep working without wire and wire and it is very easy to use. In terms of its texture, it can be kept at various heights so that smoke and pollution can be absorbed directly during cooking.

Its introduction is worth $ 99.

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