Pakistani bears running in the snow on a global scale

Pakistani bears running in the snow on a global scale
Skardu: A Pakistani bear surprised the world by running in the snow in Astor district of Gilgit-Baltistan.

According to ARY News, another rare ‘brown bear’ was spotted in the Deosai National Park in Astor district of Gilgit-Baltistan, fleeing into a snow-covered area.

Reuters news agency released a video of aerial views of Deosai National Park, in which the bear can be seen running in the snow.

The “brown bear” seen in the national park is actually a rare breed, and even zoologists were surprised to see it running on ice in the video and expressed satisfaction with the breed’s breeding.

Seeing the rare breed of bear alive and running on the ice, the international media also made the event a news item.

According to experts, brown bears are found in the glacial regions of Asia, Europe and North America, which meet their food needs through salmon.

According to experts, due to human negligence and climate change, the bear population is at risk of extinction as the climate change has disrupted fish production, forcing them to eat the fruit.

Brown bears have been seen in small numbers over the past few years due to malnutrition, leading experts to warn of extinction.

According to a joint study by the University of Montana and the US Wildlife Service, brown bears have a tendency to move away from fishing in rivers to trees. Berries are broken and eaten.

Experts say that man-made climate change is now interfering in nature’s biological system, and the results of the research are telling evidence.

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