Pakistani Data Scientist’s first book on 18 ways to earn money from the Internet

Pakistani Data Scientist’s first book on 18 ways to earn money from the Internet
Karachi: Dr. Zeeshan Al Hassan Usmani, a prominent Pakistani data scientist, full bright scholar and digital science consultant from Sukkur, has written a unique and first-of-its-kind book on 18 ways to earn money from the Internet.

This book is written in a special Pakistani context and contains step-by-step instructions on 18 ways to earn money from the Internet that even a novice can use one or more of these ways to earn a living. Can add

The important thing is that the author himself has experience of 12 of these methods, the essence of which is described in this book in idiomatic Urdu language. According to the latest data, the online and freelance market around the world has increased dramatically in the year 2020.
In this book, the authors write that in 2019 alone, American freelancers earned a total of 10 1 trillion, by the year 2030, 80% of the world’s workforce will be online as the digital economy is moving at lightning speed.

From blogging to a YouTube channel

In this 280-page book, he describes ways to make money from the Internet, including blogging, YouTube channels, podcasts, freelance writing, transcription, stock photography, e-commerce and drop shipping, small online jobs, online Skills include Line Virtual Assistant, Remote Jobs, Forex Trading, Online Translation, Freelance Web Development, Digital Marketing Specialist, Online Consultant, Social Media Influencers and Website Buying and Selling.

Practical and pictorial

In Pakistan, such books are usually described theoretically and are not practical, but it is very much a practical book. Images and helpful screenshots are included on most of the pages so that the reader can fully understand the whole process.

For example, in the chapter on making money from the YouTube channel, the first pictorial way is also explained how to create a Google account for it. It is as if the author then guides the reader to the next level. It then describes the whole process, step-by-step, and dos and don’ts.

If you are hesitant at any stage, you can see the example of the most successful people in this field. That is, there are case studies in this book that open up a whole range of possibilities to the reader.

In a nutshell, this book, published on the platform of Govt. There are practical lessons, and above all, the author’s experiences pave the way for you. Although the price of this book is 1200 rupees.

It should be noted that Dr. Zeeshan Al-Hassan Usmani is the author of more than a dozen books in which his books on data science, cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence have become very popular.

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