Pakistani experts have developed wheat, which is low in gluten and rich in vitamin E.

Pakistani experts have developed wheat, which is low in gluten and rich in vitamin E.
LAHORE: Pakistani agronomists have developed an organic liquid formula that contains less than normal gluten and contains vitamin E and protein.

The high gluten content of traditionally grown wheat in Pakistan causes many diseases, but Pakistani agronomists have used organic liquid formulas to produce wheat that has a low gluten content in flour, while the first in Pakistan. Wheat also contains natural amounts of vitamins.

Syed Babar Ali Bukhari, an agronomist, said he has been experimenting with organic liquid formulas on various vegetables and orchards, including rice and wheat, for the past 15 years. Its use produces earthworms which increase the productivity of the soil and the nutrition of the crop. Wheat flour has been tested in the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) and according to their report, the gluten content in this wheat and flour has come down to 10% which is up to 14% in ordinary wheat. Is. Similarly, fat content is 1%, protein is 13.72%, fiber is 1.20%, vitamins are 78% and carbohydrates are 73.68%.
Babar Ali Bukhari said that wheat does not contain vitamin E in the whole world, it is added in flour but wheat grown in Pakistan naturally contains vitamin E. The amount of vitamin E in two loaves is half a pound of fish. Is equal to A person who eats three loaves of bread a day will be protected from gastrointestinal diseases, obesity, blood pressure and the digestive system will be improved. Syed Babar Ali Bukhari says that the price of this flour will be equal to the price of ordinary flour and the poor man will be able to buy it easily.

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