Pakistani scientists join international anti-drug cooling team

Pakistani scientists join international anti-drug cooling team

Dr Muhammad Sameed from Islamabad is currently affiliated with the European Center for Nuclear Physics (CERN). They have been instrumental in cooling the anti-hydrogen laser physics apparatus, or anti-hydrogen particles in alpha, located in CERN. It should be noted that laser has never been used for anti-cooling before. That is why this work is valued.

Although 40 years ago the idea of ​​cooling atoms of ordinary matter with the help of laser was introduced, it was never used to cool antimatter or anti-particles. Now Dr. Samid and his team have done it.
Talking to the Express Tribune, Dr Muhammad Samid said that at the school level we are told about the atom that it consists of more sub-particles i.e. electrons, protons and neutrons. But on closer inspection, the electron core particle family belongs to the lepton. While protons and neutrons are not included in this category, these particles are formed from quarks and gluons. There are also six subtypes of quarks. “

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