Preparation of strong solar cells from burnt hair

Preparation of strong solar cells from burnt hair

Queensland: Thanks to the natural ingredients in human hair, solar cells that emit more electricity than conventional silicon cells can now be strengthened and improved. They are called provisite solar cells.

Over the past decade, I have seen the benefits of provocite solar cells over traditional monocrystalline silicon solar cells. But proviso solar cells are very fragile and unsustainable. That is why so far ProSkit solar cells have not been developed on a commercial scale. But now the solution has emerged in human hair.

Earlier, scientists at the University of Queensland have been making early LEDs from ingredients derived from human hair. They are now being used in proviso solar cells. Human hair contains large amounts of carbon and nitrogen, which are essential for light-emitting engineering systems. The first human hair was burned at 240 degrees Celsius to break it down into simpler components and separate nitrogen and carbon from them.

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