Prepared forehead artificial eye

Prepared forehead artificial eye
The masterpiece was created by Min Wok Peing, an industrial design student, and is being hailed as the latest in technology.

This third eye is specifically designed for people who use smartphones a lot.

You may have seen many viral videos on social media that the user is so engrossed in using the phone that he either falls while walking or some other incident happened to people just by getting lost in the phone.

The main purpose of creating this third artificial eye is to remove the obstacles in the way of the third eye when the human eye is busy on the phone.

When a person’s neck is tilted downwards, ie the eyes are on the smartphone, then the eyelid made of plastic of the artificial eye will open automatically and you will be able to walk without the help of it while in case of raising the eyes. It will close the eye.

The eye is made of clear transparent plastic with a speaker inside. The eye is also fitted with ultrasonic sensors that allow a person to see things in front of them.

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