Robot vacuum cleaner escapes from hotel in UK

Robot vacuum cleaner escapes from hotel in UK
LONDON: A hotel cleaning robot in the United Kingdom has managed to escape with a vacuum cleaner.

A robot used to clean a hotel in the Cambridge area of ​​the UK has managed to escape.

The automatic robot vacuum cleaner exited the hotel instead of returning to the main entrance. Fifteen minutes later, when the crew found the robot vacuum cleaner missing, they started running.
Hotel staff, citing the social media incident, appealed to anyone who found a robot vacuum cleaner to return it as it is charged with a charger and is useless to anyone else.

The news of the escape of the robot vacuum cleaner will go viral on social media. Many users also expressed good wishes for the robot vacuum cleaner and said that they hope he is enjoying freedom.

The robot vacuum cleaner was found tangled in a bush near the hotel the day after the escape.

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