Robots take the place of waiters in Saudi restaurants

Robots take the place of waiters in Saudi restaurants
Riyadh: A restaurant owner in Saudi Arabia has turned robots into waiters to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Everyone has seen food being served to humans in a restaurant, but a restaurant owner in the Gulf city of Jazan in Saudi Arabia has started hiring waiters from robots.

At Jazan’s City Center Restaurant, six robot assistants are working to deliver trays of Asian food to customers.

The restaurant owner says the purpose of using robots is to reduce the spread of the corona epidemic by reducing human contact.

The media says that the arrival of robot waiters in the restaurant keeps the customers busy.

Foreign media say that the entire system of robot waiter has been developed by Saudi female engineer Reham Omar, for which regular sensors have been installed in the restaurant.

With the help of these sensors, these robots move around the restaurant and provide food to the customers there.

The female engineer said that these robots can sense any snake near them so they can stop walking or even change their path.

Reham Omar said that the idea of ​​robot waiters was developed in the light of the experiences of other countries and has been implemented with the cooperation of the Saudi government.

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