Robots will kill germs in Swiss planes

Robots will kill germs in Swiss planes

Corona has caused irreparable damage to many industries around the world, with the tourism and aviation industries topping the list. Many offers are being made to attract passengers from all over the world to fly again.

With this in mind, the Swiss startup UVeya has developed robots equipped with antimicrobials to disinfect aircraft.
These cross-shaped robots move between the seats of the ship, scattering the ultraviolet rays emanating from the instruments mounted on their arms in all directions. According to Yoviya, such a robot can sterilize a medium-sized passenger plane (with a capacity of about 200 passengers) in just 13 minutes.

“Ultraviolet C (UVC) radiation technology has been used in hospitals and laboratories for the past 50 years,” said Hodok Elmiger, co-founder of UVA. But inadvertently, these rays can be deadly to humans, “that’s why we’re looking at autonomous robots to do this.”

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