Ruby megabyte: Bosnia’s first music robot

Ruby megabyte: Bosnia’s first music robot
Sarajevo: Bosnia-Herzegovina’s popular rock band Dobioza Collective has added a new musician, Ruby Megabyte, who is actually a humanoid robot.

The robot was developed by students of the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Sarajevo last year at the special request of the band.

Using artificial intelligence, ‘Ruby Megabyte’ incorporates all the habits and traits that a ‘human’ member of a rock band can have.
In addition to eating and drinking, he enjoys music and plays twenty guitars in Dobioza.

The Dobioza group designed it for their album Fake News last year, but kept it in their group even after the album was released.


In addition to the full introduction to the robot, one of the songs on the album, “Take My Job,” also shows how the robots replaced the entire band and drove them all out of the studio.

The main purpose of this video was to show how machines will slowly start doing all the things that humans do.

However, Ruby Megabyte liked the band so much that they made him a regular member of their band and it started appearing in their weekly online video series “Quarantine Show”.

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