Scientists have created a mysterious hot black ice

Scientists have created a mysterious hot black ice
CHICAGO: Cold and white come to mind when the name ice is mentioned, but now American scientists have turned water into black ice under tremendous pressure and high temperatures.

In technical language it is called ‘superionic ice’ which is commonly called ‘hot black ice’.

Experts believe that this type of ice may be present in the depths of the planets Uranus and Neptune, which also creates the strange magnetic field of these two planets.

Warm black snow was predicted in the 1990s when it was first created in 2019, but it managed to stay in place for less than a second.

In the new experiments, the super-ionic ice, developed at the Argonne National Laboratory, USA, remained in its state for several seconds, giving scientists the opportunity to discover some of its key features.

It should be noted that under intense pressure and extreme temperatures, this mysterious ice is formed when the hydrogen and oxygen in the water molecules separate from each other to form ions (charged atoms).

Oxygen ions then form themselves into a cube-like lattice, while hydrogen ions move freely in the lattice.

Due to this, the density of ‘super ionic ice’ remains very low, its color turns black while electricity can pass through it with some ease.

At the Argonne National Laboratory, this “hot black ice” was developed under very special conditions, for which a pressure of 20 gigapascals was applied to the water (which was about 200,000 times the pressure of the air on the ground).

At the same time, the water was heated with a laser. Scientists found that the ice began to form at 627 degrees Celsius and remained at 1,627 degrees Celsius.

Experts say that the pressure at which the “superionic ice” was predicted to form, it came into being at a much lower pressure.

To learn more about this strange and mysterious snow, you have to keep it there for a long time. In future experiments, experts will try to keep it in this state for a few hours, but it will not be an easy task at all.

However, learning more about hot black ice will not only help us to understand the behavior of matter under unusual conditions, but will also allow us to estimate that heavy planets such as Uranus and Neptune are under intense pressure on water. What passes

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