Serious allegations against the company management of the woman who was fired from Google

Serious allegations against the company management of the woman who was fired from Google
California: A woman fired from Google has leveled serious allegations against the company’s management.

Last month, Google-affiliated researcher Timothy Gabbro was fired from the company following a controversy over a research paper on artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence. The decision raised questions about Google’s equal treatment of employees and a conducive environment for the representation of all classes.

When Google CEO Sundar Pachai was recently asked about transparency in the company at the World Economic Forum in Davos, he replied that Google is also at the forefront of the world in this regard.
Following the CEO’s statement, Timothy Gabro wrote a series of tweets saying that Sundar Pachai had been asked directly about his case, in which he said that the use of AI Google has allowed open discussion of the relevant code of ethics when it is not valid.

Gabro said he was harassed at Google, lied to at Google, and discouraged. “I was harassed, my way was blocked and I and my team were targeted in online attacks,” he said. No, he has also accused Google of racial discrimination. Gabro says that the number of black people in Google is almost non-existent and the remaining people are leaving the company one by one.

Gabbro claims that Google does not allow open discussion, but that black women in particular are treated very badly. He called the claims of the Google CEO unrealistic and said that these people are very artificial.

It is important to note that Google’s office environment is generally considered to be ideal, but recently the company’s attitude towards employees and dissenting employees regarding the use of artificial intelligence has come to the fore. Questions are being raised about the process.

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