Short video sharing is possible with YouTube’s new Clips service

Short video sharing is possible with YouTube’s new Clips service
CALIFORNIA: Although YouTube introduced a tick-tock-short video feature called ‘Shorts’ last year, it has now begun work on another feature called ‘Clips’, which allows live streaming or long videos. 5 to 60 second videos can be cut and sent.

Although this feature is in beta version and is only offered to certain users. But currently it is being offered for desktop and Android versions. However, YouTube has asked users for feedback and opinions. The YouTube team also shared a video and other details of the Clips feature. As soon as the feature comes, a clip icon will appear next to the video along with the share button. Then name the video clip and note from the time stamp where you want to cut the clip. After that, the option will open as soon as the share clip button is pressed. This option allows you to send instantly to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and other platforms.

Interestingly, the clip will be created with a different web address (URL) and can be shared worldwide. This way the address of this clip can be copied and pasted from anywhere. Similarly, it will be possible to share or delete the clip immediately.

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