Should a wife buy her husband an anniversary gift?

Should a wife buy her husband an anniversary gift?

Wedding presents, birthday gifts and holiday presents are huge business. However, little is known about the trends in consumer behavior of an even bigger market, anniversary gifts. In the year 2019, it was 61.96 million couples who were married within the United States alone, of which 80 percent celebrate their wedding anniversary.

How do couples commemorate their anniversary? What kinds of anniversary presents women are most excited about receiving? What is the reason men are the most frequent culprits of forgetting their anniversary?

Truly Experiences conducted a study to find out the realities of the gift-giving industry. We interviewed 2000 individuals across Canada, the US, UK and Canada who are married or have a partner. Here are the results and some interesting details that you could want to take an ominous note of in the next time you celebrate your anniversary.


The Best Anniversary Gifts and Key Findings

  • 86% of people who are married have a celebration for every anniversary (not only the major ones)
  • More than 60% of respondents say that choosing a gift for their anniversary that they will enjoy with their partner is the hardest part.
  • Online shopping is the most popular method to buy their anniversary presents on the internet.
  • 60percent of us would prefer to spend their anniversary celebrations alone with their spouse (without the children)
  • A special dinner is the most affluent method of celebrating
  • About 55% believe that their spouses “nail it each year”
  • Men are much more likely purchase their partner an anniversary present
  • The most sought-after kind of anniversary gift (50 percent)
  • 45percent of them believe that their partner buys more gifts than they buy
  • 1 out of 4 people have not remembered their anniversary at the very least once.
  • Generation Z and Gen Z are the most sought-after gift-buyers
  • The men are greater spending than women
  • About half of them have been caught lying about how much they liked their anniversary present

Gen Z Gen Z Millennials The top gift buyers

If you’re married or part of an alliance and are happy in knowing you’re likely to receive an anniversary present from your loved ones. About three quarters (74.2 percent) of couples buy their partners anniversary gifts, with 20 percent only occasionally but 6% do not even once.

The survey also showed that the younger generation is the most frequent buyers of anniversary presents – 80percent of those under 40 are buying presents to mark their anniversary. 82 percent from Gen Z and 79 percent of Millennials buy anniversary gifts for their spouses. gifts, while the 65% of Generation X and 61 percent of Boomers.

Men Bigger Spenders Than Women

It’s not just about a gap among ages but in gender. In the battle between the genders 84% of males give their spouse gifts on their anniversary, compared to just 66 percent of women. This means that 18 percent more men buy gifts for their spouses than women.

Males are also inclined to spend more money on their spouses. 70% of men invest more than $1000 on presents, as opposed to 50% of women. However, despite spending more on presents, men believe they are winning when it comes to gift-giving. 53% of males believe that their spouse buys more anniversary presents that they would, as compared to 38 percent of women.


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