SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft

SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft
According to previous announcements, the year 2020 has been described as the year of the busiest and most important breakthrough, with manned spaceflight in space to take the Earth beyond the Earth to the Moon and Mars, but unfortunately Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during this time.

All economic activity came to a standstill and this year was financially stressful and challenging, yet space research continued and great achievements were made. In the same year, astronauts returned from the space station with a number of records of living in space, including Jessica Meyer, a colleague of Christina Koch, the longest living woman in space, who returned in April 2020 after spending seven months in space. The two female astronauts took a space walk together last year. The mission was controlled by all the female crew.

Jessica Meyer is accompanied by fellow astronauts Andrew Morgan and Russian astronaut Skripuchka, who have lived in space for a long time. The Chinese Moon mission was successful that year when the spacecraft “Chang-E5” returned to Earth with samples of the moon’s soil, and now China has become the third country in the world, after Russia and the United States, to land on the moon. Take off your mission and get samples from there.

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