Speakers in every direction, speakers hidden on paper

Speakers in every direction, speakers hidden on paper
Leipzig, Germany: Speakers are now being printed on paper-like material to deliver sound to busy locations. They can even be given the form of circles and circles. They have been dubbed T-Paper by experts.

After years of hard work, Germany’s Schmannn University of Technology has a paper-thin, concise, and invisible form. Nowadays, speakers can be made by printing like a roll of paper and can be placed everywhere in the form of soundproofing strips. This way surround sound can be made instantly possible anywhere.

In this way, a house or a hall can be made the best entertainment and educational place at a very low cost. Similarly, beautiful rings can be installed in museums and airports. In 2015, the university’s subsidiary, the Institute for Print and Media Technology, began work on it and developed the first T-book. The book had an electronic circuit and the sounds of related topics were heard on each page.
After the T-book, the same experts worked on the T-paper and

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