Stay close to vegetables, get rid of stroke and heart disease

Stay close to vegetables, get rid of stroke and heart disease
Miami: If you have a large number of greens and trees on the left and right side of your home, there is a strong possibility that you will stay away from stroke and heart disease and at the same time your mood will be better.

A major study has found that trees, plants and grass around the home reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, but other studies suggest that the mental health of adolescents may increase. And mental health is better.

“The more green you have on your left, the lower your risk of heart disease and lifelong paralysis,” said a University of Miami professor. Surprisingly, the positive effects of vegetables on humans are established in less than five years, which is a welcome development.
Therefore, it is very important to plant trees and greenery on roads and open spaces. One of the main objectives of this study was to find out the relationship between vegetables and heart disease. For this, experts conducted surveys in different places for many years.

The study included 243,558 people aged 65 or over. All of them lived in the same area for five years in a specific area of ​​Miami, meaning they did not move from 2011 to 2016. Meanwhile, their survey continued. During this time, experts noted the incidence of heart disease, palpitations, stroke, blood pressure and other heart diseases.

From the satellite images, greenery was noted in the neighborhood of all the participants. In addition, trees and plants were counted in the neon infrared light. This is because the chlorophyll in trees and plants absorbs visible light and emits neuron-infrared rays. This helps in calculating the vegetation. Thus, the vegetables were divided into three levels, low, medium and high.

On this basis, the participants were also divided into those living in low, high and medium vegetation based on their location. But in the meantime, tree planting was also going on in many areas. At the same time, new heart patients were diagnosed in each area. However, other factors were also taken into consideration, including age, sex, heart condition and the condition of vegetables in the neighborhood.

It was found that people who lived in the busiest area had a 16% lower risk of heart disease than those living in other areas. This research has been largely credible because the factors of smoking and eating habits have been looked at separately.

Explaining the reasons for this, it has also been said that green relieves mental stress. Trees, on the other hand, reduce air and noise pollution. The third thing is that the melodious songs of birds are pleasing to the ears.

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