Stoney Patch Sour Gummy Bears Review

Stoney Patch Sour Gummy Bears Review

If you’ve been craving some sour candy, Stoney Patch Sour Gummy Bears are a must try! These chewy candies contain a good dose of THC and are soft and chewy. They are a fun way to satisfy your sweet craving. Each pack contains ten sour and tangy fruits. The sweet taste and sour flavor of these treats make them perfect for sharing, especially with your children. Each piece has about 150 calories, so you can enjoy several pieces without worrying about too much of a calorie intake.

Stoney Patch Sour Gummy Bears are made with high-quality ingredients and contain 350 mg of THC Edibles. These gummies are made for those who want a short-term relief from pain or stress, but don’t be fooled by their sour taste. The first taste is sour, followed by sweet. The effects are long-lasting and you’ll find yourself with the stones in no time!

The effects of Stoney Patch Sour Gummy Bears can start between 30 and 60 minutes after consumption. This time is determined by the amount of time it takes for the edible to break down. Those with a higher tolerance can eat more as needed to achieve desired effects. Beginners should start with a few gummy bears and see how they feel within an hour. Once you feel that you’re ready to take more, you can increase your dosage to the one that makes you feel comfortable.

Mary Jane’s Bakery Co. Stoney Patch Sour Gummies are a unique hemp infused treat that’s 10x stronger than the competition! They come in three fruity flavors with your choice of cannabinoid. Each gummy has a vacuum-sealed pouch for storage. The Stoney Patch Sour Gummies are incredibly potent for anxiety relief, recovery, and stress relief.

While some cannabis-infused gummies are mildly addictive and safe to consume, others may find the flavor overpowering, making them a risky treat for beginners. The best way to avoid getting high on cannabis and other flavored edibles is to stick with the recommended dosage and use caution while ingesting. There are no side effects associated with consumption of Stoney Patch Sour Gummy Bears, so it is important to know exactly how much you need before you try them.

The Stoney Patch Sour Gummies are made with premium cannabis ingredients. They contain approximately 500mg THC Edibles per serving. They are a good choice for recreational users who suffer from mild pain. However, they are not suitable for people with any medical conditions. If you are unsure about the potency of these gummies, take note of the warnings listed in the ingredient list. You can buy Stoney Patch gummies from a pharmacy or online retailer.


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