The dragon with “three smiles” on the body sold for 900,000

The dragon with “three smiles” on the body sold for 900,000
Oklahoma: The name of the dragon makes the body tremble with fear, but there is also a dragon that has three golden and natural markings on its body that look like smiling faces.

It is related to the “ball python” type of dragon, which is relatively smaller in size than other dragons.

This unique dragon was posted on its website by an organization called J. Kobelka Reptiles, which has sold for 6 6,000.
The company is owned by Oklahoma City resident Justin Kobelka, who has been selling a variety of reptiles, including snakes and dragons, for the past 20 years.

This online store sells a variety of bizarre dragons and snakes.

Kobelka says the ball python coincidentally originated on his “farm”, which suffers from a congenital disease that causes its entire skin to turn white.

However, there are golden markings on different parts of the skin that make it different from other colorless dragons.
“In my twenty years of experience, I have seen many animals with facial markings on their skin, but this is the first and only dragon of its kind to have not only golden markings on its skin, but it is made like this. Seeing them, it seems as if golden faces are shining on her skin with a smile, ”said Kobalka.

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