The linseed oiled smartphone screen … will break and reconnect

The linseed oiled smartphone screen … will break and reconnect
Seoul: Korean scientists have developed a smartphone screen using linseed oil that is capable of reconnecting automatically after a breakdown.

It should be noted that the use of a special type of transparent and flexible plastic called “colorless polyamide” (CPI) instead of glass is increasing in making smartphone screens. However, like glass, it can break.

To solve the CPI problem, scientists at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea developed microscopic capsules filled with linseed oil and made them into transparent silicone called “polydimethyl siloxane”. I joined. The solution was then applied to a traditional CPI screen and allowed to dry.
During the experiments, the smartphone screen was cracked and cracked. However, at the same time, the micro-capsules also broke and the linseed oil from them started the chemical process with polyamide, as a result of which the cracks on the screen began to heal again. However, the process was very slow and took several hours to complete.

It turns out that the process of healing the “wound” of a smartphone screen with linseed oil at normal temperatures takes a lot of time, but if the humidity in the air is 70% and the temperature is 70 degrees Celsius, the restoration of the screen is much faster. Happens.

But instead, if ultraviolet (ultraviolet) rays are applied to the screen, the linseed oil released from the microcapsules dries and hardens in just 20 minutes, while 95% of the cracks on the screen are repaired.

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