The model who got the ‘tattoo’ on the pet cat got into trouble
Ukraine’s fitness model tattooed on a cat’s body is being sharply criticized by animal rights activists and animal lovers.

Elena Ivankaya, a model, had previously faced severe criticism in 2017 when she shaved off her pet cat’s body hair.

Now the model has tattooed on her cat’s body, after which she is being severely criticized and her move is being called animal enemy. Elena Ivankaya shared photos of cat tattoos on her Instagram account, which caused a firestorm among users.

After facing criticism on social media, the model released her statement, saying, “I had my cat examined by a doctor before I got a tattoo on my cat’s body. Doctors were also present at the time of getting tattoos on the body and now everything is under control.

Despite the statement issued by the model, she is still facing criticism and despite such criticism, she is not stopping from posting pictures of her cat on social media.

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