The next model of Apple MacBook may include iPhone charger!

The next model of Apple MacBook may include iPhone charger!
California: The U.S. Patent Office has granted Apple the patent for dozens of new inventions. They will include fingerprint sensors, Apple MacBook’s changing interface and, above all, the iPhone’s charger as part of the MacBook laptop.

It is expected that future laptops will include these features but no final date can be given. However, a patent granted to Apple two days ago indicates that the transparent fingerprint system in the MacBook will help draw a straight and curved line across the screen.

Another patent sketch shows that there is a designated space for the iPhone, which has many other angles as well. According to technicians, this is a place where the palm rests under the keyboard of the MacBook, under which the coil of wireless charger has been inserted and there is a strong possibility that it can be charged by placing the iPhone on it. This will be the first time Apple Laptop will include an iPhone charger.

Another patented MacBook has a palm biometric sensor mounted on one side, but it will also be able to note the user’s heart rate, temperature, blood oxygen level and other physical conditions. The technology is thought to have been developed in the wake of the Corona epidemic.

But Apple doesn’t have to put all of its technologies and patents into practice because, despite patents for many amazing inventions in the past, they have not yet come to light.

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