The PubG game maker has introduced a ‘virtual man’ closer to reality

The PubG game maker has introduced a ‘virtual man’ closer to reality
South Korea: The PubG game is a world-famous game developed by the Crafton company and now the same company has shown a glimpse of its ‘virtual woman’ who has been named ‘Anna’.

According to the Crafton company, Anna will be part of the Web3 ecosystem. This character is closer to reality but its use has not come to the fore yet. However, it is built with an engine that makes digital people closer to reality. Crafton called the process a “combination of hyperrealism and deep learning.”

So far the boundaries and details of Metavers and Web3 have not been determined and no one can say where Anna will be placed and what her role will be. The Crafton company has also shown interest in NFT and blockchain in the past, but it looks like it could be presented as a representative virtual celebrity.

Josh Siogen Shin, head of the creative department at Crafton, said he hopes it (Anna) will gain popularity in the digital age generation that is found around the world. But he also said that the original music is being imagined with it and it will also be used in fields like entertainment and e-sports.

According to commentators, virtual characters are still being used as influencers on Tik Tak and YouTube and their popularity is growing.

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