The world’s most sensitive 3D scanner

The world’s most sensitive 3D scanner
Los Angeles: If you design jewelry or make parts for the industry, the world’s most sensitive and accurate 3D scanner with industry standards is designed just for you.

It is called RevPoint 3D Money, which scans the finest objects with an accuracy of 0.02 mm and presents them on the screen in 3D model. This way it can do its job from a distance of only 0.05 millimeters and can scan any solid object at lightning speed of ten feet per second.

The most amazing thing is that it weighs only 160 grams and thus it is very easy to hold and rotate. In 2021, Scanner’s record was run on a crowdfunding website. Many people had invested in it with interest.

The usefulness of this important technology is well known to those experts who work hard like 3D modeling and they have tiring difficulties in creating a model or pattern. These include designers, engineers, scientific researchers and others. 3D scanning is also very important for reverse engineering.

On the other hand, 3D modeling is also required for dental design and medical devices and transplants.

Even a whole 3D world can be created in just minutes and the modeling process can be made ten times faster. After scanning, the quality control feature in the app keeps removing all its flaws. Blue light is used for scanning which is not harmful in any way.

The manual stabilizer is of paramount importance for scanning and does not cause blurring in any way. It can be easily opened and closed. To further work on this, Review Studio has introduced a software in which the existing tools can further edit the scanning process.

It will go on sale worldwide in August 2022 and is priced at 43 436.

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