The world’s smallest air pump that fills and draws air

The world’s smallest air pump that fills and draws air
New York: Homes with rubber toys and air fresheners are well aware of the difficulty of inflating them with their lungs. Now this problem has been solved by a unique and smallest air pump.
The “Giga Pump Two” is the world’s smallest pump that fills and draws air, meaning it is also a vacuum pump and above all it has a powerful flashlight.
This extraordinary device with three inventions at a time can make many tasks of daily life easier. The most important thing is that the tires can be inflated. Air can be expelled from an object. The flashlight is lit in three ways.
The size of this invention is so small that it can fit in a pocket. It has five types of nozzles for high speed airflow and the most important thing is that it can be charged with USB Type-C and its battery is also very long lasting.
This small pump can quickly inflate a yoga mat, toy ball, pool tires and large air beds. Travelers can make more space in bags and suitcases by removing air from luggage bags. Its flashlight has been dubbed an electric lantern that can illuminate the equivalent of 400 lumens for one hour, 160 for two and a half hours and 40 lumens for 10 hours.
53 mm high and 43 mm wide, this pump is completely waterproof and emits 180 liters of air per minute with a pressure of 3.5 kPa. It was launched in October 2020 on the popular crowdfunding website IndyGoGo and is now selling for 34 once the required amount is completed.

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