This magic box can clean your lens itself.

This magic box can clean your lens itself.
New York: Sometimes the spots on the lens of the spectacles are very difficult to remove and many times, despite rubbing the cloth, they remain brazen. Now the solution has been introduced in the form of ‘Lens HD’ which makes the lens transparent by removing all kinds of stains and dust from the lens to a great extent.

Lens HD makers call it a lens cleaning station. It has four motors with round pieces of soft foam on the outer surface that rotate on the motor bill. It is covered with a soft and special kind of cloth. All you have to do is spray water on the foam for best results and then close it after placing the fountain in the box.

The internal system runs automatically and the motors rotate and slowly remove dust, oil and dust from the springs. The motors rotate in the same way as the wheel of a washing machine. The biggest highlight is the outer fabric, which uses ‘microfibers’ or microfibers that gently remove dust and grease to make the lenses transparent. It should be noted that the thickness of the fabric fibers is 100 degrees less than human hair and thus there is no scratch or mark on the glass.

When it is fair, you can take out the sponge and wash the cloth, which will be cleaned immediately and make the glasses transparent again.

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