This ‘temporary pacemaker’ that corrects the heartbeat dissolves in the body

This ‘temporary pacemaker’ that corrects the heartbeat dissolves in the body
Illinois: Pacemakers are fitted with batteries to keep the heartbeat in order. But now the world’s first pacemaker has been created that dissolves on its own after doing its job.

Scientists at Northwestern and George Washington University have jointly developed the world’s first pacemaker that draws power from wireless, has no battery and can be easily plugged into the human body. Then, when not needed, it disappears on its own inside the body.

This pacemaker is lightweight, flexible and very slim. Especially useful for patients who need a pacemaker for a short time. Some patients usually need a pacemaker after heart surgery or another operation. The pacemaker, made from the world’s best biological ingredients, is naturally affected by human body fluids and disappears completely in five to seven weeks, so the patient does not need to undergo traumatic surgery again.
The pacemaker near the heart receives and moves electricity from outside the body in the style of near field communication. The same technology is used in RFID tags. Sometimes applying a pacemaker damages the tissues inside the body and further damages the attempt to remove them again.

Thus, without any complications, this pacemaker can work as the best pacemaker for a while. The new invention is also body friendly and environmentally friendly and can be called the world’s first pacemaker that goes away on its own. This reduces the patient’s discomfort and can have other benefits. Some people still need a temporary pacemaker, even after open heart surgery. After the heart is restored, the pacemaker is removed when the heartbeat returns to normal.

Surprisingly, the pacemaker weighs only half a gram and the electrode sticks to the heart and emits electric currents. Interestingly, even the surgeons who put pacemakers in people’s hearts have called it a welcome invention.

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