Trendy nails: SKUOOVAL NAW

Trendy nails: SKUOOVAL NAW


Reaching the shape of the nails that you want does not have to be a difficult achievement. You can do this beautiful nail easily with the right tools in the comfort of your home. Choosing the shape of the nails you want must be based on the texture and health of your nails and the shape of the nails that attract you. I will discuss easy techniques to achieve beautiful nails that look good on any fingers. Squoval nail shape usually looks chic to anyone and is quite easy to achieve.

Maintaining your nails is also important so you don’t need treatment of finger nails.

Nail shape

The shape of the nail is the form of nail art and fashion that involves archiving, adjusting, and cutting the edge of the nail to create the desired shape. There are quite a lot of popular nail shapes, some of which can be achieved naturally, while others need the use of professional manicures.

Almond nails

Almond nail shape has a wide base, thin side and adjusted peak and slightly pointed. It looks very chic and attracts attention.

Square nail

Square nails, as the name suggests, is square. The shape of this nail is best suitable for individuals with long fingers or long nail beds. Can you erode nail mushrooms?

Oval nails

Shaped like an oval, with a beautiful tip, oval -shaped nails are very popular. It consists of an corner of the adjusted nail that bent internally. This nail shape gives a longer finger illusion.

Stiletto nails

This is similar to the almond nail but displays a dramatic pointed tip. The shape of the stiletto nails requires the use of professional equipment to be achieved. This nail shape is common among celebrities and influencers.

Coffin nails

The coffin nails are similar to square nails, but with a firmer tip. This is a trendy and popular nail that requires the addition of artificial nails and professional tools to be achieved. However, they are not recommended if you use your hands to clean regularly. The advantage of this nail shape is the protection function. This can be used on fragile and soft nails to prevent it from rupture.

Squoval nails

The shape of this nail looks normal and is defined by its simplicity and similarity with the usual shape from the bottom of the nail. Squoval nails as the name suggests, is a combination of square and oval nails. If you want a mixture of two nails, then this is the perfect type of nail for you. It has a very chic appearance and easy archiving technique. This display can basically be done in several simple steps.

  • First, before starting the nail arrangement routine, make sure to clean the nails and cuticles correctly, remove all the dirt and soft dirt with soap and water. After that, apply the lotion or moisture of the hand gently to moisturize the nails. Hand oil applications are also recommended.
  • Submit the nail side to make an oval -shaped look. Non -professional must try to walk slowly to avoid mistakes, given that the nails cannot be invited.
  • After being careful, composing an oval shape, the next step is to make a square across the oval end.

Athletes and runners have foot mushrooms that need to be cared for. Maintaining beautiful nails for them is not so easy.

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