A US Visa is a US visa that allows you to travel to the US for purposes of tourism or work. US visas are issued by the US Department of State, but they are not available through online application. Most people apply in their home country before traveling to the US.

Steps for US Visa Online:

  1. Find out if you are eligible to apply
  2. Complete the online form
  3. Submit your application for processing
  4. Review your submitted information before submitting it
  5. Receive an email notification when your case is processed and ready for review by a US Consulate or Embassy staff member 
  6. Attend an interview at a nearby US Consulate or Embassy with all required documents in hand.

Online US visa application is a breeze with the help of our simple to use website.

you can have all your documentation prepared and submitted for processing from anywhere in less than 24 hours!


The United States is a country in North America with the continent’s largest economy. It has both an international component and domestic demands, making it one of today’s most attractive destinations for tourists from all over the globe to visit or move permanently so they can experience American life first-hand! For those who are looking at applying for US VISA but still don’t know where to start? The following article will guide you through every step needed towards your goal: 

1) What Can You Get With A Visa And How Long Does It Last (The Answer May Surprise You!)

2).How Much Does It Cost To Apply Online 

3).Eligibility Requirement For US Visa Online And How To Start The Application Process.


How long does a US visa last? US visas are issued with different validity periods, depending on the purpose of travel and other factors. This means that if you have been granted an F-visa for work purposes in the US, it will not be valid longer than your contract duration or period stated in the invitation letter from the US company where you shall perform this job assignment. For example: If you have received an invitation to participate in a scientific research project by conducting research at a university in the US for six months with possibility to extend two times, then your maximum time allowed stay is nine months (180 days). You can enter the US with a single entry visa – only once! There are also multiple entry US visas, which allow you to enter the US several times during the validity of your passport. In this case a US visa holder is allowed to stay in the US for a period equal to the duration of their multiple entry US visa up until that date – no longer!


The United States is a country that has been around since 1776. Founded when George Washington signed the Constitution with his hand on August 2nd in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and today we’re considered one of America’s strongest allies because they believe what we do: freedom for all people! As you can tell from their name – US VISA ESTA- this program makes it easy to apply for an Electronic Systematic Sunset Inspection Authorization(ESTA) which helps speed up your visa process if need be so just remember “visa” + something like US VISA ESTA and US Visa “ESTA” you get US VISA ESTA! Now if you want a US visa, your first step is to gather required documentation so let’s take a look at the requirements for US visas issued by US Department of State:

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