Warning! These 7 applications can steal your Facebook password

Warning! These 7 applications can steal your Facebook password
Texas: New applications are being introduced in the world of Android on a daily basis. Most of these applications are so interesting that they captivate the users as soon as they see them.

Most applications ask users for information about their Google, Facebook or other accounts in order to activate them. Sometimes providing this information is necessary for the use of the application while most of the time it is the trick of the fraudsters in which they trap the users.

A recent report states that there are numerous applications that users have downloaded and are not only stealing users’ private data but also retrieving their Facebook passwords and crypto data. ۔
Trend Micro, a cybersecurity company, has released a list of more than 200 applications on the Play Store that contain ‘Face Stellar’. Face Stellar is a type of spyware in Android.

In addition, the above mentioned cyber security company has caught more than 40 fake cryptocurrency minor applications which were stealing their crypto money from the users and taking sensitive information from them without their permission. Some of these applications were downloaded more than a million times.

The following are the seven apps that have been picked up by Trend Micro Company. If you are also using these applications, delete them immediately.

Daily Fitness OL: This is a fitness app that falls into the category of utilities and tools.

Panorama Camera: This is an app that allows you to take panorama pictures with your camera.

Business Meta Manager: This application manages Facebook’s business profiles.

Swam Photo: This photo editor application on Android helps users to remove photo backgrounds and create photo collages.

Enjoy Photo Editor: This app is also a photo editor app.

Cryptomining Farm Your Own Coin: This is a cryptocurrency app.

Photo Gaming Puzzle: This app is a gaming application.

Fortunately, as soon as Google found out about these apps, Google removed them from the Play Store. So you won’t find these apps on the Play Store, but you can still run them from a third-party app download website.

Most of the applications affected by Face Stellar spyware have negative ratings but in the above mentioned apps Photo Gaming Puzzle and Swarm Photo had a rating of 4.1 stars. The Enjoy Photo Editor app had been downloaded more than a million times before it was released from the Play Store.

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