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Obesity is one of the most common health problems in our country and around the world. Since many people are overweight or obese, numerous studies are carried out to combat this problem, which has a very important role in the development of chronic diseases. No matter how common obesity is, many people around the world also experience the problem of not gaining weight and being thin. Just like obesity, being underweight creates significant negative effects on human health, and in order to maintain health, all individuals should take care to be in the ideal weight range appropriate for their age. Many people who struggle with the problems of being thin and gaining weight frequently ask questions such as how to gain weight, how to gain 5 kilos in 1 week. In a situation such as gaining 5 kilos a week, to look at it from a more general point of view, it is often not possible to set high weight gain targets in short time periods. While it is possible to achieve these goals, it can have harmful health consequences. In individuals who are evaluated as weak according to body mass index, it is aimed not only to gain weight, but also to distribute the weight gain in accordance with the desired fat and muscle ratios, to take it in a healthy way and to bring the body form to the desired shape. Therefore, instead of setting unrealistic goals such as gaining 5 kilos a week or gaining 10-15 kilos in a month, it should be aimed to achieve a desired and balanced weight gain within the most appropriate time frame for health. Promass fast weight gainer supplement helps you gain weight quickly and naturally.


What Should Individuals Aiming for Weight Gain Consider?

Ensuring weight control in the body is directly related to the balance between the energy taken into the body with food and the amount of energy spent with physical activity and metabolism. More energy intake than expended energy results in weight gain, and higher energy expenditure results in weight loss. For this reason, all individuals who want to gain weight should increase their energy intake. Although it is possible to gain weight easily with the abundant consumption of foods with high calorie content, it is essential to create a correct nutrition plan in order to gain weight in a healthy way. It is also important to have a balanced distribution of the weight gained in the body, as well as to reach the ideal body weight by gaining weight. The weight gained with an unhealthy diet plan will consist of mostly fat. This can cause sagging, regional lubrication and unpleasant appearances in the body. In addition, following high-fat diets in order to gain weight quickly increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases by causing an increase in cholesterol and other blood lipids. Individuals who want to gain weight in a healthy way should first consult a dietitian. After height and weight measurements and body analysis are made by the dietitian, the target weight is determined and a nutrition plan is created to reach it. In this way, individuals can gain weight by eating a healthy and balanced diet. People who want to gain only a few kilos can eat a balanced diet by taking care to consume enough amount and variety from each food group.


How to Achieve Healthy Weight Gain?

Thanks to the natural nutrients in the Promass weight gainer supplement, it helps you gain weight quickly and naturally.


Individuals who want to gain weight should first make sure that their protein needs are fully met. Adequate protein intake is very important in terms of increasing muscle mass along with fat mass. Determining and adapting a regular exercise program is also beneficial in terms of supporting muscle mass. The formation of the feeling of fullness is directly proportional to the fullness of the stomach. Individuals who want to gain weight should include plenty of healthy food types that can provide high energy in small volumes in their diets. Foods such as dried fruits, tahini, molasses, nuts, honey, natural milk cream to be added to coffee can be given as examples. The number of meals should be increased, and rich snacks should be added between the main meals. Water consumption should be avoided before and during meals, as it will cause a feeling of fullness in the stomach. A small amount of natural olive oil can be added to salads. Alcohol and cigarette use should be avoided and attention should be paid to sleep patterns. Although it provides weight gain easily, the consumption of chocolate, cake, chips, fried foods, carbonated drinks and all kinds of packaged foods should be avoided as much as possible, and natural alternatives should be preferred instead. In order to prevent regional lubrication, a physical activity program should be created in addition to the nutrition programs aimed at weight gain, and time should be allocated for light exercises and walks. After reaching the ideal weight, the consumption of high-energy foods should be controlled in order not to gain more weight.

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