What is the best time to exercise in Ramadan?

What is the best time to exercise in Ramadan?

Prime Minister Imran Khan was recently asked by a citizen during a telephone conversation session when he exercises during Ramadan.

In response to a question from a citizen, the Prime Minister said that he always exercises before breaking the fast in Ramadan.

Imran Khan had said that if you are not fasting and exercising, it means that you are wasting Ramadan.

With regard to exercise in Ramadan, many people have many questions in their minds whether it is possible to exercise by fasting or not. And what could be the best time to exercise in Ramadan?

Regarding these questions, Dr. Hasnain Rizvi, ISSA Certified Cardio and Dietary Trainer and Dental Surgeon, Karachi, told VOA that it is very important to exercise during Ramadan, otherwise you become very lazy.

“It’s completely safe to exercise during Ramadan,” he said. People should continue exercising even in Ramadan. Because it keeps the body fit and strong.

The best time to exercise in Ramadan?
Many people are hesitant about exercising in Ramadan, whether they should fast or exercise after breaking the fast.

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