What is the feature of the most expensive car in the world, interesting report

What is the feature of the most expensive car in the world, interesting report

Rolls-Royce, the world’s most expensive and luxurious American company, has developed the world’s most expensive car worth Rs 4 billion.

According to the report of the British news agency, the boat tail car worth 20 20 million has been manufactured by a rich and wealthy couple of America on a special order.


According to the report, there is a dinner seat in the incredible rear of the car, which has chairs and even a roller umbrella to protect it from the sun and rain, under which one can sit and eat. Rolls-Royce says it took four years to design and build this unique car.


According to the report, Rolls-Royce’s flagship 40 Phantom limousine cars with an individual value of more than Rs 320 million can be bought for this قیمت 20 million car.

The car is twice as expensive as Rolls-Royce’s previous two most expensive new cars, the Swap Tail (valued at Rs 20 billion) and the Hyper Bogatti (valued at Rs 22 billion).


The height of this new car from the ground is also significantly higher than the previous cars. The car’s engine and accessories are similar to the current Phantom limousine car design, but everything on the top of the car, including the largest handmade panels, dashboat watch and other equipment has been completely redesigned.


According to the report, the design of Rolls-Royce’s new car is completely new and it will be the most successful car in the history of the company.


Last year, when the Corona virus epidemic was at its peak, Rolls-Royce shut down its production for a few weeks and its dealers around the world closed their businesses.

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