What will happen in iPhone 13?

What will happen in iPhone 13?

According to Ming Chi Kou, a leading industry analyst and technology leaker with continuity, the iPhone 13 Pro Max will use a better f / 1.5 aperture camera.

The new model will not only be able to create better images in low light and low battery, but will also reduce background noise. The camera lens has been improved in the new model.

The current iPhone Pro Max has a smaller main lens aperture of F1.6. Lens aperture plays an important role in the performance of the camera. Earlier, there were rumors that the iPhone 13 would use a 1.8 F aperture camera.

News is circulating in the market that no significant changes will be made in the iPhone 13 except for the camera.

It is worth mentioning that the aperture of F number and the size of the sensor together perform better even in low light.

IPhone rivals Huawei and Xiaomi have also improved the cameras of their mobile phone models, which could cause problems for the iPhone in the market.

Apple had removed the headphones and charger from the iPhone 13. For charging these models, a magnetic chip is mounted on the back of the phone that connects to compatible chargers to charge the phone.

The company also received complaints from its dealers in several countries for not providing chargers and headphones with the phone. Contradictory rumors are circulating about whether the iPhone 13 will have chargers and headphones.

The company maintains that the purpose of not providing chargers and headphones is to reduce the negative impact on the environment. Technology experts say that Apple will stick to its decision and it is very likely that the iPhone 13 will not be provided with chargers and headphones.

One opinion is that by doing so, the company will hit its foot on the foot as its competitors are providing both accessories while Apple is also facing complaints from its dealer on this move.

Apple launched the iPhone 12 in October last year. Its 4 models were introduced at different prices. In addition to 4K video editing, the iPhone 12 can also use low battery to increase image resolution and play graphics-rich video games.

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