White color to keep the house cool

White color to keep the house cool

Indiana engineers have developed a white color that will keep homes cool in the scorching heat.

According to a foreign news agency, engineers at the University of Bordeaux in Indiana have developed a white paint that reflects 98% of the sun’s light and reflects back infrared rays.

This white paint plays an important role in keeping walls and buildings cool and reduces the intensity of the sun. The paint will go on sale in one to two years.

The use of this white paint will not require air conditioning technology.

According to engineers, the paint contains a chemical compound called barium sulfate, which reduces the heat, which is more suitable for protecting the house from heat.

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According to Professor Xylan, only 93 square meters of oil can be turned on to produce 10 kilowatts of cooling, which is much better than a good air conditioner. According to experts, its special material is barium sulfate.

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