World Earth Day, Earth protection is everyone’s equal responsibility

World Earth Day, Earth protection is everyone’s equal responsibility

Earth Day has been celebrated around the world every year since 1970. Awareness of the dangers to the earth’s natural systems began with the Modern Environmental Movement in 1962, when the United Nations was blindly setting up industries. As a result, global temperatures began to rise, and increasing climate change began to affect many areas of the earth. For this purpose, Earth Day was celebrated every year. The theme for this year’s Earth Day is “Restoring the Earth’s Natural System.”

Earth Day: A plastic-free planet Earth

What are the major threats to the planet?
Talking to DW Urdu, Dr. Nayyar Zaigham Alam, former director of Pakistan Geological Survey of Pakistan and eminent geologist, said that geology is basically the study of the structure of the earth. But an in-depth look at it reveals the extent to which human activities have damaged its natural systems.

Earth’s geological emptiness
The upper solid layer of the earth is called the lithosphere, which includes the geographical and geological features of the earth that formed during the creation of the earth. Similarly, the planet is surrounded by a galaxy of gases up to an altitude of about 560 km in the atmosphere, this is its natural environment.

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