Would you like to eat this famous dish?

Would you like to eat this famous dish?
The dishes of every region and every country around the world are quite different from each other and today we will tell you about a unique dish of Britain.

Today we are going to tell you about the famous ‘Stargizay Pie’ in Britain in which you can see half the heads of fish coming out.

England is famous for its variety of pies, apple pies, pot pies and other pies.
But the foot we’re going to tell you about today has a sardine fish’s head and tail sticking out.

In the 16th century, when people in a village in England had nothing to eat during the severe winter, a local man saved everyone’s life. Tom Baukok, a local fisherman, landed his boat in the cold and stormy weather and hunted a variety of marine life to create a large foot that made the fish’s head visible so that people thought it was a fish. available.

Now every year on December 23 this day is celebrated in the memory of this fisherman and on this day a pie is made from which the heads of the fish are seen sticking out.

This day is celebrated every year under the name ‘Tom Baukok Eve’.

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