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Technology truth is the platform where we are not just interested with filling your browser with garbage news. But to actually, deliver you the content which is related to the context. We believe that content is nothing without the context. Therefore we do not only focus on the “Hot matters” but also on the “Current matters.”

We seek to inspire interest of your digital audience about the news. We use personalized strategies for each user to bring each customer the news which they expect us to deliver.

We cover the events happening all over the world. Either it be national or international we got you covered. Let it be sports, weather, international affairs and conspiracies, entertainment, events, conferences happening around the world. We are here to provide each of them while you remain on a single platform.

Technology truth values the opinion of their audience. Therefore, we offer our valuable blog writers to write their precious articles using our site. As the authority of the Technology truth is “66”, therefore the writers can expect higher amounts of traffic on their respective blogs.

Though our editors and blog writers are exceptional and they write passionately about the news. Still it is hard to pace up with so much going around. As you know there is a change in every second in some corner of the world. So, we need you to write for us. You can do this easily by purchasing our guest posts. In turn, your blog will be awarded by greater traffic.

What is guest posting?

So you must be thinking what a guest post is. Right? Well do not worry! A guest post is not just a simple post. When someone writes directly his or her website it is simply just a post. But when an author writes for another website it is called a guest post. The content is mainly under the domain of the website from which the author buys guest post.

Guest posting is an opportunity for various blog writers for increasing the traffic towards their content. Though this is the major benefit of a guest post. However it offers several other marvelous benefits for the writers as:

  1. Aiding in the web traffic by tapping not only the previous audiences but the new ones as well.
  2. Increased credibility because of posting though an already credible site.
  3. Increase in the control of the domains as they post through the websites which already has higher authority domains.
  4. Increased connections within the peers of the same niche or industry.

Guest posting is the best way to increase and build relationships with new members of your market. In this way you explore better and new ways to provide fresh and new content.

Not only will this featuring the guest posts on you blogs also add something new to the plate for your audience

With the guest blogging both of the parties get benefits. The website which offers guest posts gets new content daily with fresh ideas. On the other hand the blog writer gets tremendous increase in the audience. However, it is important for your post to be eligible for guest posting. For ever website there is certain criteria for each article to be selected.

Guidelines for guest posting:

  1. Article length should be handsome enough. Normally a guest post article should have words ranging from 700-1500 words.
  2. As it is a news site the content should be conversational. It should not have an academic tone to it.
  3. The content should be plagiarism free. If it is not plagiarism free then it is the responsibility of the author to provide all the links; inbound or outbound and citations as well. Because we have a strict guideline for the plagiarism. So a plagiarized article won’t be accepted.
  4. Try to write and SEO friendly article because it helps both the article and the site to rank easily on Google.
  5. Email the guest post article on the website
  6. To make us aware about the guest post use the word “Pitch” in the subject while writing your e-mail.
  7. In the body, explain yourself, your connections, your previous experiences of guest postings, and links etc. along with the pitch draft.
  8. Try to copy the pitch in the e-mail body. We will not welcome any email attachments.